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President’s Message

Welcome to the  Cromwell Bowling Club. I hope you are going to thoroughly enjoy being a member. We have excellent all year round facilities for playing the game and also for enjoying the social side of bowls. Please make yourself ‘at home’.

The information pack that will be provided to you should help you get up to speed quickly with most of the things you need to know – either as a new member transferring from another club or as a new bowler.

As President I am always available answer your questions and generally ‘look out for you’ in your first season in the club along with our Club Captains who are you main point of contact.Please feel free to call me Phone 021 464608, I look forward to your company at Cromwell Bowling Club.

John Thorn (President) ******************************************


  • Take your time in purchasing new bowls. The club has sets that can be borrowed in your first year’s play. Seek advice from experienced bowlers and especially the coaches. Try out several sets as different makes of bowls have different characteristics. 
  • Play in as many Junior events as possible • Playing in Junior events allows you to play with and against your peers 
  • Enter Open events to gain experience
  • Bowling bags need to hold a complete set of four bowls, compartments for other gear, and are priced from $60 to $190. 
  • Bowling Shoes It is important to have comfortable, good fitting flat soled (to prevent damage to the green) bowling shoes.
  • Wet weather gear. Consider buying yourself some wet weather bowling gear (jacket and over trousers).
  • Coaching. For Junior or Senior bowlers you can approach one of our club coaches at any time for some one on one coaching. Our coaches are: Malcolm Van Rensberg - 03-445 0214 Miriam Stace - 03 445 4373 Don’t be shy – they are ready to help you! Click here for coaches
  • Roll-ups and social bowls. In many ways social bowls are the ‘life and soul’ of the club. There are  have  roll-ups every Wednesday morning and Friday afternoons. You need to ‘put your name in the draw’ before 9.00am for a 9.30am start on a Wednesday and 1.00pm for a 1.30pm start on a Friday. During Winter Months we have a roll up on a Friday afternoon in the indoor Stadium with names up by 12.30 for a 1.00pm start and a Tuesday and Saturday afternoon outside starting at 1.00 pm weather permitting.
  • Entering Events & HandBooks See your club captains early in the season and they will help you enter these events. Club championships are defined as separate men’s and women’s events (singles, pairs, triples and fours) with winners going on to the champion of champion Bowls Central Otago Centre play-offs. Other Club trophy events are also there for you to enter. There are two booklets that are published on a yearly basis - one is our own Club handbook containing names, phone numbers, Cromwell Club tournaments, and the other is the bigger Central Otago Centre book which contains region wide tournaments and other important information. You will find them extremely helpful as you become more involved in the club.